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Donating Art – Not as easy as you may think…

By Aaron M. Milrad, first published on Dentons website on 2 April 2015. Owner In advising potential art donors I find my clients are surprised when I ask “Are you the owner of the art?” At times there is no quick or obvious answer. Who was the buyer of the art? Who was listed on the […]

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Source: Center for Art Law

An ED as Board President? Good Idea or “Blurred Line”?

Mullets, motorized stools and Turducken. All clearly bad ideas. But one debate with not so clear an answer is whether an Executive Director should also serve as an organization’s Board President. I know where I line up on the issue. The two positions should be separate. But it might be helpful (for me and possibly […]

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Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability: Not JUST for Ds and Os

Click here to get a D&O quote for your nonprofit. One of the most frequent requests I get as an insurance agent for the nonprofit stars is this: Find me some Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance! And now! While D&O is NOT the only coverage needed for a nonprofit organization, it is a vital line of […]

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A Few Good Tools To Manage Your Online Professional Network Connections

The last two posts I published on professional networking, “Smart Professional Networking Online” and “Tidying Your Online Connections” prompted some great discussion when I shared on Facebook. Heidi Ketroser Massey and Nancy Schwartz asked about tools to help manage the process.… Read More


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Why Every Business Owner Needs to Know a Little Something about SEO

March 21, 2015
Every business owner needs to know something about search engine optimization. If you don’t, your company could be burned, as mine was when Google’s Penguin update came along in 2012.
SEO and Business Owners

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So it begins: Can your business survive an IC audit?

Remember how the DOL earmarked a ton of money to  help states root out businesses that misclassify their employees to avoid paying fringe benefits and payroll taxes?   Well, at least one of these states has made good use of those funds – and you can bet the rest will soon follow. New York’s Joint […] [MORE]

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Do your C-level folks understand what’s really important to your employees?

There’s a dangerous disconnect afoot when it comes to what employees really want. And it could be costing your company a bundle – both in money and employee turnover.   Benefits aren’t cheap, which means that you want to be devoting your attention to the ones that will provide the biggest payoff, both in ROI […] [MORE]

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Case illustrates how to get yourself sued for ‘associational ADA bias’

Employers know they need to comply with the ADA when a worker is disabled. But not everyone knows that also can hold true when an employee’s relative is disabled. Case in point: A technical school recently learned about associational ADA bias the hard way — with a lawsuit. ‘Your daughter or your job’ Elizabeth Manon was […] [MORE]

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NCAR + TACA: Dallas Arts Organizations: A National Comparison

NCAR + TACA: Dallas Arts Organizations: A National Comparison

On December 8, 2014, NCAR and TACA (The Arts Community Alliance) http://ift.tt/1zcUuxI co-hosted an event for local art leaders to discuss findings demonstrating how Dallas arts organizations compare to other arts organizations nationally. Due to popular demand, we are making the presentation available online as well as providing a summary of key findings.

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Books I Recommend — 10 Favorites I Read Last Year

I read a lot of non-fiction books outside the world of […]

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The Blackbaud Index: Overall Charitable Giving to Nonprofits Remains Flat

(Press release, Jan. 5, 2015) — The Blackbaud Index reported that overall charitable giving to nonprofits increased 0.1 percent and online giving increased 4.4 percent for the three months ending November 2014 as compared to the same…

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Marketing Research Charts: The charts your marketing peers viewed the most in 2014

In the MarketingSherpa Chart of the Week, we’ve brought you 51 articles this year with data and analysis to help you improve and grow your department’s marketing performance.
For the 52nd article, we wanted to look back at the most viewed charts of 2014 and share the data and insights your marketing peers were most interested in.
Read on for information about clickthrough rates, conversion rates, copywriting and email ROI.

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Best of Entertainment and Media Law for December 19, 2014

Best of Entertainment and Media Law December 19, 2014. MUSIC TECHNOLOGY POLICY | FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2014 Why Does Google Drug Stockholder Settlement Cover Golden Parachutes for Felonious Employees? ‘Originally posted on MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY : Google recently filed a tentative settlement with its stockholders  over the $500,000,000 of the company’s money that Google’s executive team authorized be spent to keep from being indicted by a Rhode Island grand jury. But then out of the […]

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3 Quick And Easy Steps For Crafting A Rousing Toast In Minutes

An executive speaking coach shows how you can take the exasperation out of your salutation and craft the best toast of the night on the fly.

Whether at a company party, family celebration, or just a night out with friends, chances are you’ll be hearing a toast or two this holiday season. Toasts might not seem like a big deal, but they are important rituals of connection that bring us together. And if you’re the one in the spotlight, a toast certainly becomes a big deal.

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Email Myths, Word Traps, And Holiday Productivity: The Most Popular Leadership Stories This Week

This week we tinkered with the ways we wake up, communicate, and form new habits, and we found useful ways to maximize our holiday downtime.

This week, we did a lot of experimenting, a little myth-busting, and weren’t fooled by communication barriers.

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