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The 7 Biggest Mistakes In Handling Donor Data

So much is written every month in various nonprofit publications and blog posts regarding the insights and best practices revolving around fundraising. Virtually all of them are truly insightful and can lead to greater successes. However, just a few mistakes here and there in the handling of your data can easily decrease your fundraising totals by […]

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How to Start and Run Your First $100,000 Fundraising Campaign


If you’re like most people working with a small nonprofit, raising a big chunk of money for a special project, program, or piece of equipment can be a daunting challenge. You may be puzzled about where to start or how to do it. You’re probably scratching your head over who to approach and how to do it. And you’re probably wondering what to say to get someone to make a large donation to your organization. Join us for this webinar to learn exactly what to do to create and run your first really big fundraising campaign. You’ll learn how to plan the campaign, the tools and materials you’ll need, and how to find the best people to ask for a gift. You’ll leave feeling hopeful and more confident about raising big money.

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5 Tips for Successful Copywriting In Mobile Marketing

Most people have a mobile device nowadays. They carry phones, tablets, and e-readers everywhere with them and are constantly checking their email and social sites. This huge phase of mobile users is an incredible opportunity for marketers. Making copy for mobile marketing is integral.

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Why Conduct a Background Check? – Before your company hires a potential employee, you should employ a few common p… http://t.co/8JxlhO8SB1

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June 20, 2014 at 08:15PM

Why Conduct a Background Check?

Before your company hires a potential employee, you should employ a few common pre-employment screens to verify information. Background checks are the most requested employment verification service. They will typically allow an employer to verify previous education, employment, credit report and civil records. Background check service companies specialize in distinctive fields, so make sure you […] [MORE]

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5 Ways to Evolve the Dreadful Annual Performance Review

The dreaded annual performance review: whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, it can be an uncomfortable experience for both managers and employees. But it doesn’t have to be. See how great organizations use reviews to: • Motivate employeesIncrease employee productivity • Create an on-going dialog between employees and managers • Support overall organizational […] [MORE]

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Turning to Strategy after the Audit: A Calendar of Activities

When audit season comes around for your nonprofit, the focus on fiscal compliance can consume lots of energy and attention. But after the audit is as good a time as any to sit down and review the other year-round processes that deserve your attention. These processes can make the next audit smoother, but, more importantly, […]

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Body language: 7 signs a job candidate’s lying to you

Everyone has those moments when you suspect what a job candidate’s telling you in an interview is a bold-faced lie. But without more evidence, it’s hard to decide if it’s a deal-breaker. Enter Dr. Lillian Glass, a behavioral analyst, who’s worked with the FBI to unmask body language signals of deception. She recently authored the book The Body Language […] [MORE]

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Nonprofit Insurance Checklist: Computers and Data

Many of our clients understand general liability and property insurance. They get the broad brushstrokes: Property insurance covers the stuff we own if there’s a fire, windstorm, theft, a suburban deer loose in our warehouse, etc. General liability provides us defense and claims payment funds if we are accused of or found negligent for bodily […]

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